Blocked Drains Albert Park

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Have you noticed the signs and symptoms of blocked drains on your property?


Maybe your sinks are draining slowly, water is pooling at the bottom of the shower, or your pipes are making unusual gurgling noises. Foul-smelling sinks, dampness in the home, and elevated green patches in your garden can also be the sign of blocked drains.


All of these problems might seem trivial on their own, but they point to a much bigger and potentially expensive issue. That’s why we always recommend taking care of your blocked drains at the first sign of a problem.


For a fast, reliable, clean, and non-invasive solution to blocked drains in Albert Park, talk to the team at Drain Blast. We can come to you, identify the cause and location of your blockage, and blast it clear for you.


Utilising CCTV drain surveillance and high-pressure jet blasting, Drain Blast will provide the best possible solution for your blocked drains!


we fix blocked drains fast at drain blast!

Fully Licensed Professional Plumbing Service
More than 10 years experience Unblocking all Types of Drains
Expert Blocked Drain Specialist
Locally Based in Essendon & Carlton
Powerful Fast Jet Unblocking Equipment
Expert Drain Tools General Plumber don't have
Google Rating of 5 stars
Fast Responsive 24 Hour Service

24-Hour Blocked Drain, Blocked Sink and Blocked Toilet Services in Albert Park

As well as blocked drains, Albert Park locals can rely on Drain Blast for all their other blockage and drainage issues. In fact, we are the team that general plumbers turn to when they can’t handle a blockage themselves, so you know we’re ready for anything.


Our services include:


  • 24/7 services to clear blocked drains and repair burst and leaking pipes


  • Drain unblocking for stormwater, sewerage, sinks, basins, toilets, and more


  • Drain locating and mapping services backed by advanced CCTV inspection technology


Your pipes and drains are in good hands with Drain Blast. To take care of blocked drains in Albert Park, call 0423 481 312 now.