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Blocked Drains Port Melbourne

Are you worried about the impact of blocked drains on your property? Blocked drains can cause a range of plumbing issues, from gurgling sinks and foul smells to major and expensive problems.


If you need to unblock a drain fast, look no further than the team at Drain Blast. We are trusted by general plumbers and members of the public to clear stubborn drains.


Drain Blast offers solutions for blocked drains in Port Melbourne, the CBD, and a wide range of Melbourne suburbs. Call us today for all the services you need.



we fix blocked drains fast at drain blast!

Fully Licensed Professional Plumbing Service
More than 10 years experience Unblocking all Types of Drains
Expert Blocked Drain Specialist
Locally Based in Essendon & Carlton
Powerful Fast Jet Unblocking Equipment
Expert Drain Tools General Plumber don't have
Google Rating of 5 stars
Fast Responsive 24 Hour Service

At Drain Blast, we understand that blocked drains can lead to urgent plumbing problems. When you have a blocked drain emergency, call our team for 24/7 solutions. We will come to you when you need us most and clear out your blocked drains.


Whether it’s an urgent problem or scheduled services, Drain Blast always provides fast, efficient, and effective blocked drain solutions. We can locate the source of your blockage using CCTV technology and unblock your drains using our high-pressure jet blaster.


As well as blocked drains, Port Melbourne locals can rely on us to help with:


  • Stormwater drain unblocking and pip pumping

  • Sewerage drain unblocking

  • Toilet drain unblocking

  • Basin unblocking and sink unblocking

  • Drain locating and mapping services

  • 24-hour emergency burst water pipe services!


Whether it’s burst and leaking pipes or stubbornly blocked drains, you can rely on our team. Put an end to blocked drains in Port Melbourne. Give Drain Blast a call on 0423 481 312.

24-Hour Blocked Drain, Blocked Sink and Blocked Toilet Services in Port Melbourne