If your toilet is gurguling or running slow call drain blast plumbing melbourne for all your blocked toilet needs. blocked toilet melbourne plumbing

Toilet Drain Unblocking



At Drain Blast, unblocking toilets is what we do best. Before you disconnect your toilet and cause lots of mess in the bathroom, call our 24-hour emergency blocked toilet plumbers. Drain Blast uses the latest equipment to unblock and repair toilets without having to remove the toilet itself. Our hassle-free service utilises jet blasting technology to navigate your toilet drains and clear your blockage.


Wherever you are across Melbourne, trust Drain Blast to take care of your blocked toilet. Our high-tech hydro jetting solutions can snake around any sink or toilet bend.


Toilets and Public Cubicles


Drain Blast can take care of your blocked toilet needs wherever you are. This includes residential homes, Owners Corporations, offices and commercial buildings, as well as public toilets at festivals and major events.


Melbourne’s Blacked Drain Jet Plumbing Service


As well as blocked toilets, Drain Blast can take care of any other blocked drain problem you have. This includes blocked sinks, blocked stormwater drains, and blocked sewer drains. If you’re looking for value, service, and reliability, you can turn to our team. Drain Blast offers fixed pricing and services that are always on time across all Melbourne Suburbs.


Have a blocked drain emergency? Unlike some, the team at Drain Blast are also experienced emergency plumbers who can come to you when you need us most. From overflowing toilets to blocked sinks to burst drains, we can do it all for you!


We know that some blocked drain emergencies can’t wait, which is why Drain Blast will get to you quickly. We will arrive within the hour for all urgent and emergency blocked drain jobs.


Get a quote and over the phone advice from Drain Blast. Call 0423 481 312


Do You Have a Blocked Drain? Look for These Signs to Find Out!


Signs you might have a blocked drain include:



Blockages can occur deep within your drains for a range of reasons. This includes everything from debris build-up to invasive tree roots. Our jet blasting technology can cut through even the toughest tree root to clear your drains and pipes.


If you notice any of the signs of blocked drains, call our team to avoid serious damage.


Why Choose the Blocked Drain Specialists at Drain Blast?


We are the experts in all things blocked drains but don't just take our word for it. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Drain Blast:


  1. We offer a full range of unblocking services for sewer drains, stormwater, sinks, basins, toilets and more

  2. Drain Blast has more than 100 5-star reviews on Google!

  3. We serve a wide range of Melbourne suburbs and will reliably get to you on time

  4. Drain Blast can clear your blocked toilet without having to remove the entire toilet, saving time, money, stress, mess, hassle, and damage

  5. We have all the tools for the job, allowing us to provide a quick, clean, and non-invasive unblocking service!


Residential properties Real Estate Agents Strata; Major Music Events Festivals and Public Cubical is one of the many services Drain Blast Melbourne Supplies. 


At DRAIN BLAST we are the Experts in Blocked Drains. We pride ourselves on being the Best Emergency Blocked Drain Plumbers in Melbourne.  With 100+ 5 star Google Reviews, Drain Blast has built a reputation of being Trustworthy, Fast & On Time but also Reliable & Best for Value

Drain Blast will guarantee that we can fix any blocked drain plumbing problems you have. We specialise in blocked toilet, blocked sink, blocked sewer, blocked storm water, blocked kitchens. Drain Blast are second to none when it comes to Value, Service and Reliability.  We are always on time and have fixed prices no matter which Melbourne Suburb you are in.

Our Bread and Butter is your blocked toilet. Specialised Blocked Drain Plumber will not remove your Blocked Toilet because we have specialised tools designed specifically for Blocked Toilets. 

A General Plumber solves a Blocked Toilet the only way he knows how. A General Plumber removes the whole Blocked Toilet out of the bathroom. The reason he does this is to reach the cause of the blockage. Unfortunately the issues with this is

  • Removing a Toilet can break tiles upon disconnection

  • Very Messy & Unhealthy

  • Very expensive due to the amount of work involved.

  • Toilet leak often after disconnecting and reconnecting