24 Hour Gas Emergency

DRAIN BLAST - Melbourne Blocked Drain Jet Plumbing Service

At Drain Blast we guarantee that we can fix any gas plumbing problems you have. We specialise in gas.  Drain Blast are second to none when it comes to Value, Service and Reliability.  We are always on time and have fixed prices no matter which Melbourne Suburb you are in.

An emergency plumber is an specialist field on it own within plumbing. Not all plumbers are emergency plumbers.

An emergency plumber must be highly skilled and have sufficient experiencing dealing with all plumbing emergencies, be it a blocked toilet, an overflowing or blocked sink, blocked drain or a burst drain.

They must also be able to get to an emergency quickly too as time can be a factor. Drain Blast Emergency Services are highly experienced to tackle any urgent emergency blocked drain with quick response arrival within the hour.


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