Blocked Drains Collingwood

Smelly sinks, gurgling drains, and water pooling at the bottom of the shower.


If this sounds like your home, you might have a blocked drain problem. In very minor cases, you can take care of blocked drains with home remedies or off-the-shelf solutions. However, for seriously blocked drains, you will need professional help.


At Drain Blast, we specialise in clearing blocked drains in Collingwood and all surrounding suburbs. If you’re worried about a blockage, give us a call today and we’ll take care of it fast.


Drain Blast offers CCTV inspections and high-pressure jet blasting for fast, targeted, and non-invasive solution. We can even offer you 24-hour emergency blocked drain services if your blockage is causing a serious plumbing problem.


To take care of blocked drains in Collingwood, call the drainage specialists today. For a solution that lasts, it has to be Drain Blast!



we fix blocked drains fast at drain blast!

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Locally Based in Essendon & Carlton
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Fast Responsive 24 Hour Service

24-Hour Blocked Drain, Blocked Sink and Blocked Toilet Services in Collingwood

As well as blocked drains, the team at Drain Blast can also assist you with:


  • Blocked toilets

  • Blocked sinks and basins

  • Blocked stormwater drains

  • Blocked sewerage drains

  • Drain locating and mapping services

  • Burst water pipe services

  • And much more!


From stormwater pit pumping to 24/7 burst water pipe services, you can rely on Drain Blast. Call our team today on 0423 481 312.