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    At Drain Blast we know how important a running unblocked free flowing Basin or Kitchen Sink is. If your basin or sink is blocked, ensure that you can call Drain Blast to sort your blocked drain problem out.

    We can help you unblock a basin or sink anytime of the day or week including weekends.

    Common problems we encounter unblocking a Basin include:

    • Basin bowl filling up with water
    • Gurgling Sounds when draining
    • Toys or other objects lodged in the sink
    • Sewer Main blockage issues

    At Drain Blast has over 10 years experience unblocking basins and sinks. We are available 24 hours a days 7 days a week for emergency and also after hours.

    Drain Blast can accommodate your personal blockage needs, with high-tech snake jets of all sizes we can take around any basin or sink bend.

    Our Jets can travel where other plumbers jets cant saving you $$$$$ on disconnecting fees.

    We can unblock any Kitchen Sink or Laundry Sink without taking it off and running powerful jets around any small pipe bend!!

    DRAIN BLAST – Melbourne Blocked Drain Jet Plumbing Service

    At Drain Blast we guarantee that we can fix any blocked drain plumbing problems you have. We specialise in blocked toilet, blocked sink, blocked sewer, blocked stormwater, blocked kitchens. Drain Blast are second to none when it comes to Value, Service and Reliability. We are always on time and have fixed prices no matter which Melbourne Suburb you are in.

    Contact us now on 0423 481 312 for a free no obligation phone consultation and quote.

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    Get the best service for broken drain repairs, blocked sinks, blocked toilets, and blocked drains in Melbourne with Drain Blast. Our team proudly offers 24/7 blocked drain solutions and we can get an expert to your door in just minutes.

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